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Whether you think it adds a contemporary vibe or simply makes cleaning a breeze, wall-hung vanities and sinks seem to be gaining in popularity.  So, what are some of the pros and cons when you are considering if this style is for you?

Pros:  Wall-hung vanities make your bathroom look bigger and cleaner.  They maximize the illusion of increased space.  They are especially great for small bathrooms like the powder bath. If you need storage your options in a vanity vary from drawers, to open cupboards or a combination of both. A wall hung sink stands alone and needless to say, has no storage.  Lighting can be added under a wall hung vanity to provide a night light or ambient light while bathing or showering.  It can highlight and show off a pretty floor as your eye is drawn under and beyond the cabinet.

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Cons: A professional is usually needed to install a wall-hung vanity and sink. If you are in a new construction project, you can talk to your contractor or framer about the need for extra support.  If you are doing a remodel or a DYI project make sure you know the support that will be required to install.  They can also be more expensive than traditional vanities. 

Consider these pros and cons and your individual needs.  Don’t feel like a wall hung vanity has to have a modern look to it.  Trough sinks and sinks with a high back with the faucets coming out of the back are very farmhouse, craftsman, and traditional in style. One of my favorites that we installed was in a farmhouse.   Our customer used a double faucet trough sink and placed a chunky wicker basket under it with rolled up white towels.  It was a charming children’s bathroom!


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